Christmas & New Year at the G&D

We Love Christmas & New Year - Every Year - Even 2020

Obviously in the current situation, we are not yet sure of exactly what we will be able to do in terms of maximum table sizes, and if we can do anything at all in relation to the added entertainment with Live Music, which currently seems unlikely, as do the Parties and Fancy Dress which are normally a bit of a thing here for Christmas and New Year!

HOWEVER - We are fortunate at the G&D to have plenty of space inside and our dining tables throughout the Bars and in the Boatroom Restaurant, have good alternative facing and/or 2m spacing, so we are confident that following our release from the second ‘lockdown’, we will be serving our Traditional Christmas Day Lunch, and will be serving good food and drinks throughout the Festive Holidays 2020 in our Covid-secure premises, just as we have been since July. We will provide more information on exactly what else we are able to do just as soon as we know, both here on ourthis website and on our Facebook page here:

New Year’s Eve: One of the Maddest and Fun Nights of the Year in Dartmouth is always New Year’s Eve – We will possibly even have our Garden Bar open – Weather Permitting of course! - You can see pictures on this page from past G&D Fancy Dress Party Madness on New Year’s Eve.

Come and see us in your Individual or Group Fancy Dress – you will not be alone!

– The creative minds and capabilities of our customers and the Standard of Fancy Dress for New Year’s Eve is Simply Outstanding – No doubt this will be maintained - BUT you are equally welcome in your new Party frock or favourite jeans and trainers, or even the new Christmas Jumper then that is fine too - and warm if you are doing a Dartmouth walkabout!!

At the G&D we always like to help things go smoothly and so on New Year’s Eve we do not sell tickets to rob and try to trap people, when it is so much more fun to walk around the town – weather permitting of course, and see all of the other ‘sensible’ people in their fancy dress!

Finally, on New Year’s Day – Do Try the G&D Hangover Brunch – All Manner of Good and Simple Things –Served from 12noon – Always Works a Treat!