Drinks at the George and Dragon

The new George and Dragon Pub’s Bars, Coffee Shop, Restaurant and Paved Beer Garden are open all year round.

All of our beers and ciders are professionally kept in our fantastic new temperature controlled underground cellar, so that they are served to you in their absolute best condition. Our new and enormous cellar has the latest automatic tilting racks to condition our real ales, plus all of the pythons (pipes/lines from the cellar) are therefore of minimal length - so no pints of our beer is sitting around in the pipes! We are also using a new and innovative method to keep all of our draught keg beers at their optimum temperature - they are conditioned and cooled in the cellar as usual, but then our lines taking them to the bar also have special insulating tubes around them with cold water running through them, thereby also continuing to keep the beer at exactly the right temperatures right up to the tap and into your glass! No dodgy warm pints in the G&D!

The freehold of the George & Dragon is owned by the excellent and still primarily family run, Heavitree Brewery PLC, and all of our draught beers and ciders are supplied by agreement through the award winning St. Austell Brewery PLC. Unlike many larger ‘Pubcos’, customer focussed philosophies mean that we can supply almost any beer, lager, stout or cider that our customers prefer. The largest and most modern and efficient cellar in Dartmouth (and probably most of the South West, if not the entire Country!), means that our draught Beers and Ciders are kept and supplied to you in ‘tip-top' condition.

Our current draught drinks range includes:

Lager Keg Beer Stout Keg Cider Real Ale Real Cider
San Miguel
Birra Moretti
John Smiths Guinness
Mena Dhu
Thatchers Gold - 5%
Strongbow Cloudy Apple - 4.5%
St Austell Tribute - 4.3%
Exmoor Gold - 4.3%
Hunters Devon Dreamer - 4.3%
Dartmoor Jail Ale - 4.8%
Dragons Breath
Stumble Bee
Thatchers Big Apple - 6%
Sandford Devon Scrumpy – 6%
Weston’s Rosie’s Pig

Bottled brews: The new George & Dragon stocks an extensive range of bottled beers, ciders and most other popular drinks, with a full ‘Top Shelf’ of everyday and special occasion Spirits and Liqueurs that you’d expect in both traditional and modern bars and restaurants.

Wine list: Our wine list offers some great value wines that can be enjoyed alone for easy drinking, or for those looking to 'wine and dine', we provide advice on which wine will compliment your meal for the best flavour experience! You can download the G&D Wine List here.

We also appreciate the need for quality soft drinks and refreshments for adults and our younger customers, so together with all of the usual mixers and soft drinks, the George & Dragon also stock the excellent and innovative Luscombe soft drinks and fruit juices produced just a short distance away from here up the Dart Valley near Buckfastleigh (still in Devon of course!).

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Gin Menu at the G & D

At the G&D we have our own in-house developed Gin Menu for our customers, in which we also share some of our knowledge and independent information on both the history of Gin and what we and the different distillers think are the best Gin, Mixer and Garnish combinations.

- For example did you know that whilst sailors in the Royal Navy had their ‘Tot of Rum’, Officers could have Gin if they wished, which traditionally was mixed with lime juice (originally to prevent scurvy) – and hence the American term for us

Brits as ‘Limeys’. Gin was also mixed with Angostura Bitters (old Dutch recipe) to ‘settle the stomach at sea’ – and so the first famous ‘Pink Gin’ was born.

- Equally have you tried our new local favourite, Salcombe ‘Start Point Gin’, with your favourite tonic and garnished with ruby red, blood-grapefruit – Wow!

Read more on these and other gin-teresting factoids in the exclusive G&D Gin Menu!

Rum Menu at the G & D

Whilst we admit quite a few pubs now have a ‘Gin Menu’ (though mostly just fever-tree tied promo give-aways), here at the G&D we are proud to have our very own ‘G&D Rum Menu’ – written exclusively by us and the nautical heritage of Rum and the G&D in Dartmouth. Once again we share some of our knowledge and independent information on both the history of Rum and what we and the different distillers think are the best Rum, Mixer and Garnish combinations.

- For example did you know that it is now almost 500 years since the fledgling Royal Navy was helping to expand the British Empire and create the sugar dependencies of the Caribbean, where the spirit produced in these islands from sugar cane became known as ‘Rum’. A ‘Tot of Rum’ (about half a pint or 280ml) was then also given as part pay and part compensation for the poor conditions in the Royal Navy at that time. Naturally much of the rest of the world followed the Royal navy’s excellent lead and soon Rum also became the world’s favourite ‘tipple’ (from the 16th Century ‘tippler’ – a retailer of alcohol) and the biggest selling spirit on the planet for centuries.

- Equally have you tried ‘The Kraken’ Spiced Rum with strong, rich, dark and smooth flavours of espresso, caramel, cinnamon, cloves and gingerbread, served over ice or with Fentimans Real Ginger Beer - A warm glowing Wow again!

Cocktails at the G&D

With such a range of Gin and Rum – of course we also have Superb Cocktails at the G&D from a classic ‘Gin Martini’, a ‘Long Island Iced Tea’, or a ‘Strawberry Daiquiri’ (in Summer of course) – A lot of seasonal cocktails to enjoy at the G&D.

Gallery Of Drinks at the G & D